Mughal wall arts,ceiling-dome-almond-art, almond design, handmade mugal art

No 1 Quality Mughal Wall Arts – Paper mache of Kashmir- Free Shipping

Mughal wall arts

“Mughal wall arts handmade” is a wide collection of handmade wall arts. Our work is inspired from the designs of the great Mughal empire. We are basically the forgotten generation of Mughals, busy in finding back the glory. We make a variety of handcrafted displays. Our prime catalogue includes the following:

  1. Calligraphic wall arts
  2. Mughal wall arts
  3. Ceiling boards
  4. Ceiling surface art
  5. Papier mache on floor
  6. Arabic calligraphy on walls etc.

Besides, Mughal arts offer you a good range of handmade products starting from Festive decor to Wedding centrepieces. We offer the authenticated handcrafted collection. Our goods are totally made by hands. In conclusion, we don’t use machine anywhere in our workshop except for some hand tools. You can hence find a great collection of hand-painted gifts from our online shop.

Below slideshow contains the sample photos of the Wall and ceiling art presentation.

  • mughal art, ceiling-art-blues
  • ceiling-checkered-flora, mughal art, wall art
  • ceiling-dome-almond-art, almond design, handmade mugal art
  • Ceiling-dome-floral-motiffs, Moghal art, Golden lining
  • ceiling-golden-art, real gold color, mughal style
  • Ceiling art patterns, handmade,
  • ceiling-star-formation-art, Mughal
  • ceiling surface art, white floral art, Mughal
  • Floor-almond-pattern, Floor handmade paintings
  • plates-joinable-midnight-flora
  • wall-almond-pattern, wall arts, board
  • wall-calligraphics, Arabic calligraphy, mosque art, shrine, mughal
  • wall-geometric-floral-combination
  • Wall-golden-curve-art
  • wall-rose-formation, mughal handmade
  • wall art vase

You can place custom orders for any kind of papier mache with us. In addition to that, we are well capable of handling bulk orders on festivals and marriage functions. You can contact us through email or Whats app. Also, you can send a message below in our feedback section.

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