Dead art of Kashmir, Mughal handmade kitchenware

Dead art of Kashmir – Revival begins

Dead art of Kashmir

Kashmir Papier mache art in its original form is dead. I mean all the artists who used to paint very fine motiffs and figures have left the job due to the absence of market. The political unrest of Kashmir has left the artisan goods totally out of focus and without any demand. Fine artery is gone.

Only thing left of the culturally rich art forms is the roughly made art works by unskilled and semiskilled workforce who do this to earn their bread and living by working 12 to 14 hours a day.

I can say they are highly underpaid. The main reason is that buyers think they are purchasing machine made art, they are not aware about the hardwork behind their purchase. As machine art from China is more perfect and cheaper than handmade articles but it still lacks that touch of a real artist.

Papier mache of Kashmir

Here I being a member of Kashmir artisan family can’t see the death of Kashmir art at such a quick rate. I have decided to market and promote the skills and hard work of the handicraft work of our artisans. There are still some great buyers who don’t like machine work despite its perfection. They keep on asking for the real handmade¬†

Papier mache of Kashmir articles. In this website I have made some efforts to give a new life to the fast dying art of Kashmiri papier mache. I will bring alive this Dead art of Kashmir ( IA).

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