Paper mache of Kashmir

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Paper mache of Kashmir

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Paper mache of Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and the most renowned art forms that exist in Kashmir. Paper mache also known as kari- kalamdani shows the true Art sense of craftsmanship. You should not confuse this art with the common paper mache skills taught to school kids.

We have to work very hard to convert common newspaper and packing material wastes into structural shapes. It does not stop at shapes process. The true artwork starts when the shape giving work ends. The art work involves the process of smoothening the surface of paper mashed object. Then we make it ready for the painting process. Then, we give the object a basic background color. Artist then paints the actual designs that are mostly traditional in nature.

It is often difficult to believe that decor is produced from wasted paper. We recycle a lot of environmental waste through this art.

Paper mache of Kashmir is the art transferred from generations to generations. This art is one of the primary sources of living for a good percentage of population.

Iranians in the 14th century brought this art to the valley. Kashmir paper mache is the registered patent name under the laws of India.

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