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Interesting forms of Kashmiri Kalamkari or Paper mache – Part 1


Kashmiri Kalamkari or Papier Mache:

Also known as the papier-mache or naqashi, munaqashi or kare kalamdani and Kashmiri kalamkari. We do Papier mache mostly on small decorative jewelry boxes, and some home décor items.

Famous Naqashi art forms and designs used in Kashmir:

  1. Gul-andar-gul (gulandargul): We make the arrangement of different colorful floral schemes in close proximity between different flowers. You will see flowers emerging over other flowers.
  2. Hazara: Literally means a set of thousand flowers, 
  3. Paisley shawl design: We make the unique paisley border art motifs. We copy the art design used in Pashmina industry and use the same on different papier mache objects. These designs often depict the almond shapes of Kashmiri almonds and their patterns.
  4. Shabe-Gul-e-wilayat (Midnight theme of friendly flowers mostly roses. This form often includes a mix of flora and fauna. We depict many bird species of Kashmir in the art form amongst the flora of Kashmir.
  5. Bagaldar design: We do a geometrical arrangement of sets of flowers. We mostly arrange them like a dome around the sides and borders of different objects
  6. Chinar designs: You might have seen the fall of Kashmir on TV or the internet or papers. Moreover, the fall of Chinar leaves in Kashmir showcase a classical autumn style. People cherish their beautiful scenery. The same chinar fall seasons are objectified in the art of Kalamdani on different items like trinkets and penholders. This is the basic culture of Kashmir to use these handmade gadgets. 
  7. Mughal Darbar design: Different Mughal scriptures are used to collect the Mughal illustrations. We use the same and paint them onto different objects in highly colourful schemes of art.
  8. Gonder: The border work done in Gold colours.
  9. Real gold chinar: Real gold leaves generally used in the sweets industry are used to colour chinar leaves. This gives the glorious and never-ending beautiful looks to the paper mache products of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Kalamkari is an unbeatable art of floral formation with handicraft works.

          Before this age the kalamdani was to draw vibrant pictures on wood on ceilings, bedframes, gates and boxes and windows. Within the community kalamdani name was popular as most of the work was done on pen holders or kalamdans and personalized trinket boxes. Some people refer to this craft as Naqashi or Kari Munaqashi as it was created on well finished planes made using paper pulp or on coatings of sophisticated paper. Now a days you will see the main items were papier mache is done include mostly vases, tables, table ware, bangles, lamp bases, cups, plaques, panels, screens and cabinets.

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