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Mughal art and culture

You can get the relishing taste of Mughal art and culture with our old style classical Mogul miniature paintings. We design the Mughal architecture on different handcrafted articles.

We are the artist family with a distant genealogy to Mughal dynasty. Our ancestors came to Kashmir in the seventeenth century along with the great Persian King and saint Sultan Syed Zainulabideen Shah Wali. We belong to the ancestral line of Babur and Humayun.

Paper mache Kashmir

We accompanied Sultan Zainulabideen as architects, artists and patrons of culture. We started teaching paper mache art to Kashmiris in the 18th century. Paper mache Kashmir is still one of the important ways of income generation amongst the Kashmiris.

Indian miniature paintings :

We are experts in making Indian miniature paintings. You can see some glorious and finely crafted paper mache miniature paintings in our catalogue.


Mughal art patroning began with the Mughal King Akbar in 1571 when he built the legendary Fatehpur Sikri. Most of the support in terms of architecture was always provided to Mughal empire from Persia. Akbar managed to collate the Indian and Persian cultures in the form of Indo-Persian Mughal art forms of different kinds.

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