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Decorative Baubles-Set of 4 Handmade paper mache balls Hanging Baubles used as gift and for christmas party and craft balls and hanging decor balls

15.93$ inc.of taxes

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57 / 100

*****Product Description******
• Size : 3 inches
• Hanging balls decor handmade.
• Use : Christmas gift, ornament, decor, merry Christmas, Christmas tree, gifts, Christmas ornaments,present, tree decor, Christmas party, baby Christmas, baubles, Christmas craft, Christmas design, Christmas garland, Christmas gift ideas,
We make the balls from wasted paper pulp by paper mache handmade technique.
We than add colors, designs, artwork and lacquer on these craft balls.
You can directly contact us for any custom orders for balls, bells, stars, moons, trees etc.
We make all kinds of festive decorations.

• Design: Embossed desert art theme
• Way of making : paper mache recycled paper material used in making
• Waterproofed with Lacquer

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