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Elephant Decor Paper Mache-Jade elephant wall sculpture and Baby shower elephant gift | Paper mache figures elephant family wall decor

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Eco-friendly paper mache elephant figurines are handmade from recycled packing wastes by artisans in Kashmir, India. These are than carved and painted with multicolored floral art.
This is sold as a family of 3.
****Product Description******
• Size: 6” x 5” ; 4.5” x 3.5” ; 3” x 3”
• Waterproofed by Lacquer coatings
• Used mostly as elephant decor, jade elephant, elephant gift wrap ,elephant baby gift ,elephant gift , elephant baby shower ,elephant art , baby shower elephant, elephant gifts ,elephant figurine ,elephant figure, elephant jewelry, handmade elephant, elephant decor, wall sculpture and paper mache figures.


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