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Keepsake Boxes Kashmir-Keepsake boxes with Tray Handmade by Paper mache used as a Groom gift box, Christmas, wedding favor boxes, Ring box etc

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Eco-friendly craft made from recycled paper mache. This is a totally unique handmade and hand painted wedding set. One set comprises 3 pieces including a Tray, a small jewellery box and one bigger jewelry box.
****Product Description****
. Use: Used as a Bride gift box, Groom gift box, Christmas gift box, wedding favor boxes, Ring box etc.
. Design: These pieces are carved and painted with multicolored floral art. This is handmade set with painted art work on its surface.

Other Uses: Use it for decoration in your parties, weddings, functions, decoration purposes, personalized gifts. Wedding card Tray ,wedding keepsake boxes ,wedding wishes box, small wedding box, wedding ring boxes, wedding box ring, card box for wedding, wedding day gift box, card box wedding, wedding gift box, wedding memory box.
You can also give it to the special one as a keepsake gift.
This forms a great handmade wedding gift for your special ones.
Brides can use it to store small jewellery gifts, makeup objects, powder boxes, pin box, ring box etc.

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