Mughal art, Spirit of India

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Mughal art, Spirit of India

Mughal Art

Mughal painting is a specific elegance of Indian paintings. These Paintings are preserved in books and some miniatures. We have given Mughal arts a new home and life. Papier mache artists copy the book illustrations and portray them through handicraft on wooden panels and Wall Plates. Though the Kashmir Paper mache has connections with Iran, but Mughals during their time in Kashmir promoted and revered this art.

Kashmir Paper mache

  • Throughout the Mughal period, artists were encouraged to make and paint home decorations and furniture items. This was the time when wood was first combined with paper mache.
  • The excellent example being the Madin Sahib Mosque that was constructed in 1444, Walls of Shah Hamdan Mosque etc.
  • Our artists have portrayed their work on Wall dividers, room dividers, Wall Plaques, Round Shields, Tables, Chairs, Almiras, Cupboards etc. We use Shabi Guliwilayat, arabesque designs, Hazara artworks, Gulandar Gul, Mughal design and Chinar mainly in our workngs

mughal art


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