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Painted Vintage Vase-15.5 inches- Original Gold Painted Vase

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Painted Vintage Vase

Material: Paper mache with Brass made lining on neck supplied with the vase.

This is a pure Vintage Blue-Green long necked vase. Handmade in Kashmir. This is a classified and Fine contemporary art of Kashmir.

This paper mache vase is 15.5 inches tall and has a round breadth of 7 inches.

Artwork:Shabi Guliwilayat / Midnight flora and Passerine artwork. This gold painted vase has been painted with 22 carat gold metal colors with the paper mache technique.

This product is beautifully handmade by Kashmir’s excellent hands. In addition to that, it has a lacquered black base colour. Besides, the artwork work also has multiple layers of enamel coating to make it everlasting and ever-glowing.

Also, one can find an ancient feel and look in this paper mache Kashmiri vase. It has taken the inspiration from the picturesque works of ancient Persian Drinkware and vases.

Sabz Surahi

Sabz means green and Surahi means a drinkware with a deep neck. This painted vintage vase is also called sabz surahi or a blue green vase combination of colors.


It is a beautiful piece of art that can find a great space in some lucky person’s home. It is meant for love, creativity and an inspiring greenish feel.

This finds use as a great decorative art vase for home and office.


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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 40 cm


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