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Uniquely Designed Lovely looking New Coaster Sets (6 plates) 1 pair Hand-Crafted


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Coaster Sets

Size: 11 cm 11 cm 5 cm

Material: Wood and paper pulp

Weight 225 gm

Design of the art coasters:

We have made this pair of the coaster sets from wood and wasted paper pulp from industrial wastes. This is a handmade recycled product.

We have painted the colourful foliage and flora on this pair of sets with acrylic colours. These are hand-painted articles and a lot of effort has been put by artist worker in making this beautiful handicraft.

Each set contains 6 plates inside. Each plate has a velvety lining beneath.

Uses of art coasters:

You can serve water glass, teacups, coffee cups, any other things as per your requirement on these beautiful coasters.

These are 2 sets and are sold together here.

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coasters walmart does not sell this kind of articles. these are highly unique and priceless.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 cm


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