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Engagement gift box – Lacquer Painted box of Paper mache box with velvet inside


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We have made this jewelry box collection from paper mache and wood. Art work on this box has been preserved by many coatings of lacquer. There is a velvety lining inside the box that helps you store precious jewelry very safely.

We have made this Handcrafted jewel box from waste paper board and wood. We have recycled the wasted packing material and converted it into the curated piece of art.

These boxes are painted with different color combinations and all are hand-painted. There will not be any perfect matching between any 2 pieces and this will also help make sure that every piece is unique in the whole world.

This is handpainted box with fine art work on its surface.

You can use it for jewelry storage and instant document and gift box.
This forms a great handmade wedding gift for your special one.

We ship worldwide from Kashmir Srinagar India.


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