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Beautiful Handmade fruit bowl set of 2- Free Shipping


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Handmade fruit bowl set of 2 pieces


Diameter 34 cm Height : 18 cm

Weight : 1.5 kg


We have made this Serving handmade fruit bowl from wasted paper mache. Our artist has beautifully carved the edges with hand tools.

Design: Then our artist has painted the surfaces with colourful floral motifs on a white background. We have made a small 3 leg support beneath the bowl. Further, we lined the inside of this bowl with red velvety cloth. You can find unique pattern of gold color foliage on a silver background on his handcraft article.


You can use this bowl as a dry fruit bowl near me, serving bowl for short sized parties, centerpiece bowl for weddings, flower bowl, rose bowl etc.

Besides, this hand crafted product serves as a unique gift piece. You can use it in parties, functions, maharaz sab, yenwol etc. Also brides can use it for storing different bridesmaid accessories.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 18 cm


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