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Golden Vase 63 cm- Handmade Mughal Vase – Free Shipping


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Golden Vase

Get this beautiful golden vase online here at Mughal Arts.

Size of gold vase decor: Diameter: 20 cm Height 😕 63 cm

Weight : 1.10 kg

Material : Papier mache; Real 24 carat gold colors

Artwork on Golden vase:

Mughal arts has handmade this real gold vase from wasted paper mesh. After giving the shape our artist has smoothed the surface for paintwork. Then we have colored the background on the vase with black.

In the next steps our Naqashi artisan has marked the leaflets, patterns and bushes with resin using the special brush. The most sensitive part in the paintwork however has been placement of gold leaves on resin marks.

The artist picks the thin gold leaves from a gold book using his fingers and artistically places them over the resin marks. the gold outside the marks is removed and what remains is an astonishing piece of golden artwork. This is a very rare form of papier mache kalamdani of Kashmir.

Uses of gold vase decor:

Decorative vase, Hand painted golden vase online gift, Royal gift, Handmade vase. Besides, it forms an excellent wedding centerpiece vase.

We have made 2 pieces which to be ordered quantity wise. There would be resemblances but handwork and shape of vase would vary in both. Patterns and floral work would not resemble at all due to handmade nature of the work.

After order confirmation from your-side we would need to make a brass mouth cover for the vase and would take 2 days time before we start shipping the vase to you.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 63 cm


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