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Uniquely Handcrafted Jewellery storage box- 1 piece set – Free shipping worldwide.


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Jewellery storage box


Buy this beautiful handcrafted storage box online here on Mughal Arts handmade. This is a totally unique art box made from kashmir’s wood. We have constructed a really very intricate and fine geometrical floral designs on this box. This in the miniature Hazara art in its truest forms.

Size of the jewellery storage box:

16″ 12″ 5″

we have created a Multi-compartment storage in this jewellery storage box online. This box a special blue velvety lining from inside. We have made this box from Kashmiri paper mache and wooden boards. Our kalamdan artist Muhammad Younus has made some excellent tiny floral hazara motifs around the surface of this box. The floral details are highly intricate and beautiful. It has taken Younus around 19 days to complete the whole artwork and finishing of his designs on this handmade box.

This is a very durable and strong jewelry organizer box. You can find it useful for storing bigger necklaces, pendants, choker, cuff links, bangles, etc.

Jewellery storage box With lock:

We have offered the lock and key system in built in this beautiful box.

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