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Big and beautiful handcrafted -Mughal vase blue-1 of 2 pieces-Free Shipping


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Mughal vase blue

  • Mughal arts has made this vase from newspaper wastage material and paking wastages. We have hardened the body of this vase with resins and rice extracts. This is a complete handmade package from scratch to end . After giving shape to its body we have furnished its surface with the Kurkot technique.
  • Our artist Mr.Nasir Hussain has completed the rest of artwork. The artwork is floral night theme locally called as Shabe-gule-wilayat in Kashmir paper mache.
  • We have filed the spaces between the floral work with pure gold color. (see Iink)
  • You can use this vase as a great piece of handmade decoration your home and personal office spaces. Besides, you can decorate your festivities and functions with the flower display using this large vase.

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All Mughal art vases will be supplied with a brass lining to cover the vase mouth

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