Lovely Handcrafted Paper mache bowl set – Floral cup set of 6 pieces – Free Shipping


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Paper mache bowl set of 6 pieces

Buy this wonderfully crafted Mughal art paper mache bowl set right here. Free Shipping We have made these by converting wasted newspaper and pulp by papier-mache technique.

Size of paper mache bowl set of 6:

This is a 4-inch wide bowl.

Design of Wedding bowl set:

After that, we painted this bowl with the Kalamdani process. Next, we made floral motifs of purple over a white base. At last, we coated the product with lacquer varnish finishes to add to its durability. We have taken it shape from khilwather leaf (lotus leaf). It’s a common cup shape of Kashmiri culture for what you will find in this wedding bowl set.

Uses of Handcrafted cups

  • This product is mostly used for decorative purposes.
  • Varnish makes it waterproof and it can handle storage of different fruits and bakery as well.
  • You can use it at different festivals
  • You can find its use in wedding occasions and guest welcome during ?marriage ceremonies


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