Unique personalized small graduation gifts cum jewellery box


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Handmade sycamore carved jewelry box personalized gifts

This carved jewelry box makes a wonderful handmade gift for your dear ones. We have made it in Kashmir, India.

*****Product Description******

This box is engraved with Sycamore designs coated with Lacquer for preservation of its artwork.

• The Size of this painted lacquer box is 24cm x 14cm x 9 cm

• It is mostly used as a Painted card box, ring storage box, watch box, Women jewellery box, earrings storage, small gift box,small jewelry box etc.
You can use it as a small gift box or a painted birthday gift box also.
• This box is Rectangular in shape .
The design painted is embossed sycamore flora and carved sycamore foliage on sides.

• Way of making: This is a Paper mache hand-crafted article.

Artist has coated the work with Lacquer which makes it durable and it can last for ages.

Though these are many pieces. But due to hand-painted nature every box is unique and does not match any of the other such boxes.


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