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Wooden Jewelry Box Kashmir-Handmade Kashmir Wooden Jewelry box 8 inches-  – A great gift for her

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The wooden jewellery box is hand-carved by tarashi artisans. After that, the box changes hands with the naqashi artisans of paper mache art. Paper mache artists do the embossed paintwork on top of the jewellery box by carving and painting the flower of life on it. Moreover, the tarashi design on this box are designed with the sycamore leaves carved on its sides. Also, that Naqashi art on top displays the magnificent gul andar gul floral schemes in the embossed artwork.

This jewellery box has a unique system of the lock which is very difficult to find by naked eye except if someone already knows how to open it.
This Kashmir expo box has two compartments from the inside. However, one always has an option to manually remove the dividers and make a single big space for larger jewellery items.

You can use it as a great gift for your close to heart person.
It will serve as a great gift for Christmas gifting occasion.
Also, this is highly suitable as a wedding gift for a bride. She can use it to store some valuables in a special way.

A lovely jewellery box is a wooden lock box also used as a tarot card box.
This jewelry box has a divided storage box inside can be used as a stash box.
It is a great décor box designed with flower of life on surface.
It is a customizable jewellery storage box with dividers. Forms a gift for her and him


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